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Apple Patrick Gibson (via Daring Fireball): "My friend and co-worker Tom has a thesis about Apple's biggest problem: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services." Apt.
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not about being "good"
by pooo on Thu 6th Dec 2012 02:04 UTC
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"Being good at web services" means having a platform where 3rd party services can operate and, more importantly, cooperate, as 1st class citizens.

Apple will never accomplish that because it is against their religion, not because they aren't good at it. On android any service can integrate deeply with Android in a consistent and powerful way by simply registering themselves as handlers of certain intents. On iOS, Apple basically hard coded special support for Twitter and Facebook, a joke by comparison.

So maybe what google is doing right is really *allowing* 3rd parties to be good at providing services. Again, Apple will never do that, so long term they are doomed to 2nd place (at best!) because they can't provide all those services themselves.

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