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X11, Window Managers "For two decades, X has been the foundation for Linux graphics. Ubuntu's decision late in 2010 to switch to Wayland shakes things up all the way to those roots. Just over a month ago, the official 1.0.0 release of Wayland appeared, as well as its associated Weston project. How will these milestones affect working GUI programmers? What will happen to all the existing toolkits - Qt, wxWindows, Tk, and others - on which so many graphical applications already depend?"
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RE[4]: X's era is in the past
by WereCatf on Thu 6th Dec 2012 09:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: X's era is in the past"
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Reading "One technology that hasn't happened yet is GPU based glyph generation. When that happens it will likely have a large impact on the desktop" reminded me about Matrox Parhelia - though it was much simpler ("Glyph acceleration, where anti-aliasing of text was accelerated by the hardware" from )

But still, what "large impact on the desktop" do you envision?

I don't know what he meant with it, but well, glyph acceleration would mean higher-quality text rendering even when the text is in motion (think of e.g. during scrolling up or down, various window transformation-effects and such) leading to a smoother experience. Also, rendering text is somewhat of a heavy task and it only becomes heavier with the ever-increasing display resolutions, so the decrease in resource-usage is always welcome.

Still, I don't see it being THAT much of a large impact.

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