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Apple Patrick Gibson (via Daring Fireball): "My friend and co-worker Tom has a thesis about Apple's biggest problem: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services." Apt.
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It may be deja vue all over again
by alcibiades on Thu 6th Dec 2012 14:23 UTC
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They are repeating the nineties. Not as badly, not as quickly, and from a much stronger position, but in the end this will be a retreat to the niche in tablets, phones as well as computers. In computers they are basically irrelevant. Same thing is going to happen with phones and tablets.

All because they would rather have all of a smaller cake than a bigger piece of a cake which others have some of too. In the nineties they basically forced people who wanted Macs to buy Windows, because they could not or would not supply. They are doing the same thing with phones and tablets today. You can only have it if you are prepared to pay hugely and to buy in to the whole totally controlled Apple system. That means, in the end, retreat to the niche. There are huge sections of the market they are simply refusing to supply. These guys get their stuff from someplace. It drives them to the competition.

The worst thing is Apple is then encouraged by their fans to keep doing this. The competition is not even acknowledged, and the fans keep urging them to stay at the high end and not worry about market share. It is an old story. The competition you have to worry most about is that which offers products to markets you do not want, and pretty soon you move from not wanting them to being unable to address them, and before you know it, you are Triumph motorcycles or the US auto industry, wondering how Honda or Toyota can make this really quite decent stuff so cheaply.... And sell it to your very own high end customer base.

There is a reason why the shares are falling out of bed. They are turning into a bond fund which owns shares in an irrelevant computer company, and a peaking tablet and phone company.

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