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Apple Patrick Gibson (via Daring Fireball): "My friend and co-worker Tom has a thesis about Apple's biggest problem: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services." Apt.
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* Not being to rotate the homescreen.

This is a good thing. The home screen does not make sense rotated. By the way I've never used an android phone that does this. Maybe some third party home screens do?

* No tethering until a recent iOS release.

Recent? I've been doing tethering for ages. Interwebs says it was a feature of iOS 4.3, or two major versions ago. That's not recent.

* Onscreen keyboard doesn't reverse the case of letters on the keyboard when shift is pressed

This is a good thing. Large changes like that are annoying. Not once have I been confused about whether I just pressed shift a microsecond ago or not.

* Deletion of SMS messages/threads is hugely clumsy - done via the wrongly (IMHO) labelled clunky "Edit" button.

Edit-Clear All. Yes, that sure is hugely clumsy!
The "Edit mode" functionality is a standard mechanism for any list view in iOS. If you spend one minute using it you would know that.

* Rotation lock is hugely hidden - why isn't it in Settings rather than double button click then left-to-right swipe (WTF?!).

The app switcher is not a hidden part of iOS. Much less hidden there than somewhere deep in the settings.

* A full factory reset wipe actually incredibly bricks the phone enough that it can only make emergency calls. *Only* if you hook it up to the dreadful iTunes prog on Windows or Mac (er, I have Linux!) can you unbrick it.

Complete and utter lie. Nothing on an iPhone requires iTunes anymore.

* iTunes on Windows is a rancid piece of garbage - totally against all Windows GUI standards: menu bar, hello? Buttons nothing like any normal Windows app

You mean just like most other Windows software include microsoft's own?

* Registering your iPhone is hugely painful - lots of e-mails sent your account, prompted many times for username and password. Plus a disgraceful amount of personal info is needed to use the App Store/iCloud stuff.

Registration is not required. You're doing it wrong.

* Trying to download Chrome from the awful App Store app warned me it contained "age-restricted content" - so does Safari, but I never got a warning when I ran that! The content warning is for "the Web" of course...silly me.

You didn't install Safari so it didn't warn you. Really that one message annoyed you so much?

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