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Apple So, Apple is serious about this thing. Tim Cook has said in an interview the company plans to manufacture one line of Macs in the US, starting next year. Coincidentally (or not?), Foxconn has just announced it plans to expand its production facilities... Into the United States. There's no indication as of yet that the two are linked, but the coincidence is at least interesting.
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Skills not Wages
by Milo_Hoffman on Fri 7th Dec 2012 15:31 UTC
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Interesting last night on NBC he said that its 'skills', particularly math skills that make mfg stuff in the US difficult.

I assume that all that math is needed for all the measuring, recording and calculating of quality control and component testing data.

In electronics manufacturing the machines usually actually make the parts via robots etc, and the humans are basically just testers of the boards.

BUT, all that being true... it WAS the wages, and that is why the jobs left in the first place, and now that the problem is not the wages, they complain that no one has skills.

Of course no one has the skills, the skills have not been needed.

I think if you bring the jobs, and people will skill up. After all, that is why China did.

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