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Hardware, Embedded Systems "I was prepared to write that the Windows 8 interface was forcing unnecessary touchscreen controls on people who wouldn't appreciate them, particularly if they were simply grafted onto a traditional laptop. But the more I've used Windows 8, despite its faults, the more I've become convinced that touchscreens are the future - even vertical ones." I can see his point. I, too, have often felt the desire to touch regular and laptop displays, especially when doing things like photo and video.
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"Gorilla arm" comes from reaching out and holding your arm elevated to use a large vertical screen. It's specifically an issue with desktop screens, and to a lesser extent laptops.

But that's not what you'd usually do with a laptop - your elbow placed right in front of the "keyboard half" can offer support (try it, even if none of your laptops has touchscreen). And this news is about laptops, not desktop screens.

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