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OSNews, Generic OSes With computers now shipping with UEFI Secure Boot enabled, users of any OS other than Windows 8 will want to know how to circumvent it. Jesse Smith of DistroWatch tells how he did it here. The Linux Foundation describes its approach here. If you want to boot an OS other than Windows 8, you'll want to figure this out before you buy that new computer.
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RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Sat 8th Dec 2012 01:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai"
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It is a motherboard, why would it get Windows 8 certification?

Just read the thread.

One such motherboard is the MSI A55M-P35.

While Lenovo Thinkcentre M92p only allow Red-Hat Linux besides Windows.

I'm confused because I read the first post and the issue has nothing to do with secure boot and everything to do with a buggy as hell firmware that is causing problems. It has nothing to do with conspiracy theories regarding Windows trying to 'undermine Linux on the desktop' and everything to do with a motherboard vendor failing to properly test their firmware for their motherboards. Btw, this isn't new given that there are many issues that Linux users face off the back of lazy motherboard vendors and buggy firmware.

Regarding the Lenovo issue, he has received a reply from a Lenovo rep as follows: "Thanks for the well written article. It is unclear exactly why this was implemented as is, but we are aware of the concerns expressed here and are working on a BIOS update to address this."

Btw, worse case scenario you can always drop back legacy mode if you want and avoid any of the problems in the mean time. I have the exact computer here (Lenovo M92p, 2999CTO) and haven't had any problems so far but then again I'm running in pure UEFI mode with Windows 8 Pro 64bit so I guess I haven't tripped up over any of the bugs related to compatibility with alternative operating systems.

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