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In the News News Corp. has just announced its iPad-only newspaper The Daily will be closed down. What do you know, a platform-specific publication fails in the internet era. I totally did not see this coming at all. Times are changing, people. Platform-specific is so 2007.
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RE[7]: Almost completely wrong
by zima on Sat 8th Dec 2012 11:36 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Almost completely wrong"
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HTML makes a lot of sense for such publications; they have hyperlinks that give readers a chance to follow related articles or read more in depth about specific issues regarding the main article. HTML supports embedded videos and audio. And HTML offers readers a chance to comment back (personally I think it's an over-rated feature, but then here I am doing just that)

Ahh, the the dreadful Wiki Effect, and getting involved in largely pointless comments...

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