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OSNews, Generic OSes With computers now shipping with UEFI Secure Boot enabled, users of any OS other than Windows 8 will want to know how to circumvent it. Jesse Smith of DistroWatch tells how he did it here. The Linux Foundation describes its approach here. If you want to boot an OS other than Windows 8, you'll want to figure this out before you buy that new computer.
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by marcp on Sun 9th Dec 2012 10:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by marcp"
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I beg to differ.

-As has been already pointed out, not only is the market for os-free or alternative-os-certified machines relatively small to begin with, but it's artificially further deflated by the current de facto 'choice' (esp with laptops) alt-os lovers make which is to buy windows, sometimes os x machines wipe the pre-installed os and go from there.

You're not going behind diagnosing the actual state. I'm going beyond that with suggestion on how this problem can be fixed. Besides: you're trying to say that this "market" for FLOSS computers will never succeed, because it's ... small. You can't really try to explain one thing with itself. The market is small, because people believe in the things you write about. They don't give a damn, because they don't understand and they don't understand, because they don't give a damn. They don't have the knowledge, so they can't really vote with their wallets. They just accept the things they are. Not very wise.

It's disingenous to suggest the alternative and preferable scenario you suggest of such purchasers holding out for certified or even specifically designed linux bsd haiku whatever- products. Because we all know they probably wouldn't never even have 'good android'/google/microsoft, let alone Apple level of fit and finish. and that's just the truth.

And when did you last check on that kind of hardware? System76, anyone? Just take a look around and you'll find plenty of good hardware. In fact, most of the Windows-related hardware is cheap-ass crap that isn't even worth its price, and Apple hardware is just overpriced hardware to make your ego feel more "premium".

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