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Apple Patrick Gibson (via Daring Fireball): "My friend and co-worker Tom has a thesis about Apple's biggest problem: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services." Apt.
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No, he states:

"This week, I borrowed an unused iPhone 4 from work to upgrade it from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 6.0.1"

It starts of weird. Why borrow an iPhone for the single purpose of upgrading it? Not playing with it, not wanting to check out iOS 6, just to upgrade it. Weirder still: he has no Mac, no Windows, no iTunes, no iOS experience. He's the least qualified to perform an upgrade.

Than he lists of number of points that are either complete wrong or just silly.

He ends this list with:

"And that was what I found so far just doing an iOS update"

So all the strange stuff he did was related to just upgrading. iOS, Android and WP upgrades are just a matter of hitting the "okay, let's do it" button. They don't involve installing Chrome or deleting text messages.

Also he mentions:

" Registering your iPhone is hugely painful - lots of e-mails sent your account, prompted many times for username and password. Plus a disgraceful amount of personal info is needed to use the App Store/iCloud stuff"

Remember he borrowed the iPhone. Why register it and whose information is he using? His own? That doesn't sound like borrowing. Someone else? Hey, it's an UNUSED iPhone. There is no user assigned to it.

Then how the hell did he install Chrome? He didn't have an iTunes account (remember he's a Linux user with no iTunes and obviously has no iOS experience). So he either bought an iTunes card or entered his credit card info. Why the hell would he do that if he is borrowing the phone? I've upgraded iOS a number of times on a number of devices and I have never installed Chrome on any.

Let's go through his list:
1. Why try to rotate the home screen? Which phone does this? Not needed to upgrade iOS.
2. No tethering. Not needed to upgrade iOS.
3. Something about the onscreen keyboard. Not needed to upgrade iOS.
4. Deleting text messages. Claims it's clumsy, turns out it isn't. Not needed to upgrade iOS.
5. Hidden rotation lock. It isn't hidden and why lock rotation when at point 1 he complains you can't rotate the home screen. Does or doesn't he want to rotate? Again: Not needed to upgrade iOS.
6. Full factory reset brick the phone. It doesn't. Not needed to upgrade iOS.
7. Complains about iTunes in Windows, yet at point 6 he said he doesn't have Windows.
8. Registering the iPhone. It's easy, doesn't involve "many" emails and: Not needed to upgrade iOS.
9. Downloading Chrome gives a warning, downloading Safari doesn't. Safari is already installed, it can't be removed or downloaded. A lie and: Not needed to upgrade iOS.

So it's a pack of lies, BS and my guess is he never borrowed an iPhone.

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