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BeOS & Derivatives "Haiku, the open source re-creation of BeOS, threatens to become 'The Duke Nukem of operating systems', joked long-time contributor Ryan Leavengood. Actually, after eleven years of development, Haiku still falls four years short of Duke Nukem Forever's long delay, but few other projects have been so long in development. However, with the recent release of Alpha 4.1, Haiku is at last nearing general release." 2013 is going to be very exciting for Haiku.
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Yeah plus they said it before, "we don't want to be another Linux distro", not using Linux although not practical is good for keeping BeOS-Haiku identity.
And it is still a poor reason: Android is the living proof that you can use the Linux kernel without being considered as just another Linux distro.
Also there are Linux distributions which brings something really different: NixOS(functional package manager), GoboLinux(simpler FHS), Ubuntu(Unity) for example.

From my perspective I think having another free kernel around is a breathe of fresh air
If the kernel would bring a new concepts such as Genode "sandboxing" by default or HURD, then I would agree, but I don't think that this is the case for NewOS.. I'm tired of hearing about Linux,
That is a really poor reason against Linux, you hear about Linux because it is successful (except for the desktop).

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