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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Calling themselves Phoenix International Communications - a name that references the mythical bird that emerged from the ashes of its predecessor - the group aims to raise enough money to produce and sell a smartphone running an open-source version of webOS perhaps by late 2013." Like Jolla, I have the hope - just not the expectations.
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by Moochman on Mon 10th Dec 2012 23:35 UTC
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This is amazing news... up until now webOS was the only one of the Linux-based alternative mobile OSes in development (the others being Firefox OS, Jolla Sailfish and Tizen) without any actual hardware announced. This changes that. Which is awesome. Especially considering that webOS is the only one of the four that actually has a mature UI stack that's already proven to be awesome on real devices, I think it could have a real shot at a comeback, *if* it can just get the hardware support worked out.

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