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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Let's continue our impromptu Asian theme for today, and move from South Korea's Samsung to China's Xiaomi. "China's Xiaomi Technology is a fairy tale for nerdy entrepreneurs. Less than three years after its founding, the smartphone maker is valued at $4 billion and evokes Apple-like adoration from its fans, some of whom are desperate enough to skip work for a shot at buying the latest product the day it goes on sale."
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by henderson101 on Tue 11th Dec 2012 10:54 UTC
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Just to point this out and as a bit of Language usage trivia for Thom.. to a British English speaker, "Asian" means "from the sub continent of India and surrounding associated territories, (incl. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Goa, Sri Lanka and Kashmir.)" We'd never normally use "Asian" to mean Korean, Chinese or Japanese. We'd either qualify it with "South East Asian", use a more specific term like "Oriental" or use a less accurate term such as "Chinese". I think it's only the Australians and North Americans that use the term Asian to always mean "Oriental". We have always had a greater affinity to India (yeah, let's not dwell on why) and there are a lot more Asian's (our usage) in the UK than Asians (US usage), and there is a stronger cultural influence on the UK from India than the far East (though some would argue the toss over how much.)

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