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In the News "So sprawling is Samsung's modern-day empire that some South Koreans say it has become possible to live a Samsung-only life: You can use a Samsung credit card to buy a Samsung TV for the living room of your Samsung-made apartment on which you'll watch the Samsung-owned pro baseball team. Samsung is South Korea's greatest economic success, and, more recently, the subject of major controversy. Economists, owners of small- and medium-size businesses, and some politicians say Samsung no longer merely powers the country but overpowers it, wielding influence that nearly matches that of the government." Campaign contributions, moles in political offices and chambers, this Samsung stuff - this is what happens when companies are left unchecked. It's cute if you think this only happens in Korea. Much of it all is legal, but that doesn't make it right.
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by Richard Dale on Tue 11th Dec 2012 14:58 UTC in reply to "Comment by neticspace"
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For anyone interested, he also made policies that destroyed South Korea's software industry..

I'm interested in why you think Samsung destroyed South Korea's software industry. I'm working in Seoul at the moment, and when I've talked to Korean programmers you find Linux skills aren't as valued as they might be. And there doesn't seem much support from the government or universities for Free Software.

I think they need a 21st century King Sejong to get things moving. Sejong the Great wanted the people of Korea to be literate and so he invented their writing system 'Hangul' which is still in use today 500 years later. Free Software is the Hangul of today in that it allows ordinary people to be literate, not just the elite who can learn Chinese or afford expensive and closed programming environments such as those from Microsoft. The Korean people have a lot of potential - I mean they've just unleashed "Psy' and 'Gangnam Style' - if only they could do something similar in software..

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