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Google A change to anything related to Google Search - the product so many of us rely on - is never going to go by unnotoced. This time around, Google has altered Image Search for US users to alter the way it handles that ever so important aspect of the web - adult content.
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Missing the Obvious!
by bornagainenguin on Thu 13th Dec 2012 03:53 UTC
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All the people discussing the censorship aspect of this are missing the obvious and allowing themselves to be redirected towards the 'for the children' circlejerk! This has nothing to do with being family friendly or censorship and everything to do with datamining. Google just wants people to login and let them track their searches better and they know porn is one of those things people sign out of things, clear cookies and cache before and after.

Google is hoping they can convince their users to stop worrying and keep their cookies active all the time, allowing a more consistent datamining profile to be created. All the rest of the hot air is a distraction.


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