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Windows "As early as mid-December, consumers will be able to go to retail stores in the United States and Australia to purchase a Surface with Windows RT. Additional availability will be added in a number of countries in the coming months." Sales might indeed benefit from, you know, allowing the world to actually buy your halo product. Us Dutch won't be getting the Nexus 4 and 10 either.
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The focus of my comment was on the PPC to x86 shift; I only referenced the 68k to PPC transition to show Apple's prior experience with the process.

Yes, there was PPC emulation for legacy apps, but it was never intended to be the solution because it was simply untenable for most practical applications. Apple fully intended to use universal binaries (so-called "fat binaries" that contained executables compiled on both PPC and x86) from the start. They had been building and testing x86 versions of OS X and core applications from the very first release of the new OS. There was extensive documentation and support in the ADP for using fat binaries, whereas Rosetta was deemphasized and rightly considered legacy.

But you're right, I should have clarified all of that.

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