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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "What are the chances that we'll see something with the finesse of the One X with stock software down the road? 'The Nexus devices are Google’s lineup,' explains Kodera, 'but in general, we're very proud of HTC Sense, and we'd like to continue shipping it on every device.' Not exactly encouraging." Big letdown. Not unexpected, but a letdown still. I will never again buy a non-Nexus device.
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by kurkosdr on Thu 13th Dec 2012 13:12 UTC
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Then you have nobody to blame but yourself. You choose a lower price and you pay with inconvenience. I'm not saying that this is a bad trade-off per se, but it is important to realize that YOU, the customer, made a choice here.

WHAT inconvenience? The carrier I have a contract with (Cosmote) is subsidizing all the phones that are available in the retail market (yes, even Nexuses), and offers phones that are SIM-unlocked (yes, with a contract) and get their upgrades directly from the manufacturer. There is another carrier here (Wind) with similar pro-customer practices, so I am good. The problem of customers being forced to choose between a limited range of (locked) phones selected by the carrier is mainly an American and UK problem. The problem with phones being SIM-locked and also not receiving a upgrades directly from the manufacturer is mainly an American and UK problem, and for customers of Vodafone.

Also, I want to have a certain amount of "mobile" data for each month. I can either price list price (which is expensive here), or sign a 12 month contract and pay much less, and get a (SIM-unlocked) phone for less. What should I do? Hmm... let me think...

Subsidizes are not a bad habit if the phone that is subsidized is unlocked.

I have a better idea. Disallow carriers to sell/rent phones. Without crosssubsidies covering costs becomes harder and phone

So, we should stop carriers from offering deals some of us want, just to satisfy some nerdy ethics that say the phone shall be sold unsubsidized? I don't think so If you want to stop the American and UK problem of carriers offering a limited range of (locked) phones, how about a law that forces carriers to offer unlocked phones and subsidize everything on the market?

Since we are re-writing the US law system here, let's at least propose laws that most people will like.

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