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Google A change to anything related to Google Search - the product so many of us rely on - is never going to go by unnotoced. This time around, Google has altered Image Search for US users to alter the way it handles that ever so important aspect of the web - adult content.
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RE[2]: Missing the Obvious!
by bornagainenguin on Thu 13th Dec 2012 15:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Missing the Obvious!"
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galvanash replied...

Yeah right. That is why they built a browser with a "porn mode" built in (incognito) - which essentially does all that shit for you.

Makes total sense to me...

Only if you trust that incognito or "porn mode" does what you think it does. I mean, sure--you're right! it makes all the sense in the world for a company whose livelihood depends on datamining and advertising to offer people a way to hide from their snooping...

It's also why despite some of the stupid user interface choices Mozilla has made over the last year and a half, I still prefer it and my set of extensions to Chrome. With how difficult it has been to get a true adblocking solution on Chrome I absolutely question their commitment to privacy!


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