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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "What are the chances that we'll see something with the finesse of the One X with stock software down the road? 'The Nexus devices are Google’s lineup,' explains Kodera, 'but in general, we're very proud of HTC Sense, and we'd like to continue shipping it on every device.' Not exactly encouraging." Big letdown. Not unexpected, but a letdown still. I will never again buy a non-Nexus device.
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RE: Non-Nexus Devices
by WorknMan on Thu 13th Dec 2012 18:47 UTC in reply to "Non-Nexus Devices"
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Not all carriers offer Nexus devices, and of the ones that do offer such, not all of those come with a card slot for user loadable storage via microSD Card.

That's the quandary that all Android users must face - either buy a phone with limited storage options and no LTE, or buy one with a locked bootloader and/or shitty bloatware all over it, that takes 6 months or longer to get new OS updates.

This is not a choice that end users should have to make. And before you blame the carriers, please tell me where are all the wifi-only, non-Nexus tablets running stock Android and with unlocked bootloaders

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