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Linux "This tree removes ancient-386-CPUs support and thus zaps quite a bit of complexity [...] which complexity has plagued us with extra work whenever we wanted to change SMP primitives, for years. Unfortunately there's a nostalgic cost: your old original 386 DX33 system from early 1991 won't be able to boot modern Linux kernels anymore. Sniff. I'm not sentimental. Good riddance." Almost 21 years of support for a professor. Not bad.
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I still have my 386SX-25 with the 80387 with 32Mb RAM. Although "back in the day" it only had 5Mb (4x1024kb + 4x256kb). This makes me sad, being an avid retro-computing enthusiest, stripping back, compiling and fiddling on the old girl and several other machines has been one of the pointless pleasures in my life ;)

I bought this specific machine's mobo + processor in really early 1992 when I first read about Linux because my NECV20 wasn't going to cut it past Xenix 8086.

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