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Google A change to anything related to Google Search - the product so many of us rely on - is never going to go by unnotoced. This time around, Google has altered Image Search for US users to alter the way it handles that ever so important aspect of the web - adult content.
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RE[2]: Comment by Zaitch
by johjeff on Fri 14th Dec 2012 00:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Zaitch"
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Probably for the same reason you don't keep your personal philosophies to yourself. As for protecting children, it is NOT POSSIBLE to be with them all the time. Besides, this policy does not PREVENT anyone for finding whatever they want. It just makes it less likely that people who are not interested in the stuff YOU deem acceptable will stumble across it accidentally.

Obviously you are a pre-pubescent teen, since most adults can carry on a conversation or even a debate without using profanity as if that magically makes your point for you. I certainly hope you take your own advice and choose not to reproduce when you grow up. We have enough self-aggrandizing fools running around the world.

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