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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Sources familiar with the ongoing negotiations between Apple and Microsoft tell AllThingsD that the companies are at loggerheads not over the 30 percent commission Apple asks of storage upgrade sales made through SkyDrive, but over applying that same commission to Office 365 subscriptions sold through Microsoft Office for iOS, which is expected to launch sometime next year." iOS could end up being the only mobile platform without Office.
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RE[4]: So?
by ricegf on Fri 14th Dec 2012 12:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: So?"
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Ah, semantics. Apple ran ads arguing that a Personal Computer must run Windows, and a Mac was a different product altogether. Agree?

Don't look now, but people are doing many of the same types of computing on mobile devices as on desktops and laptops - communications, reading, banking, planning, working, playing. You know, personal computing.

And the operating systems are converging - OS/X is becoming more like iOS (I hear), I run Android apps on my Linux desktop (precisely the same kernel, btw), and Windows 8 pretends to be the same on both (don't look at that processor behind the curtain!).

More importantly, people are increasingly choosing to buy mobile devices instead of Wintel PCs to do their personal computing. Not everybody, of course - geeks especially will always want maximum power on at least one device - but the bulk of the market has clearly switched, and that's where vendors are innovating now because that's where the market is growing.

Same use cases + same buyers + converging operating systems = same effective market.

I don't see much point in pretending that a 103 keyboard is required to call a device a "personal computer". The most practical definition of a "personal computer" IMHO is a device on which computing for one person at a time takes place - phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, workstation, whatever. This is similar to how cars, trucks, motorcycles, and a few others are all personal transportation, I guess.

But it's semantics, so we could argue in circles all night. *shrugs*

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