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RISC OS "Comparing AmigaOS and RISC OS is an interesting exercise, especially when it provides inspiration for things like scripting languages, friendly internationalisation configuration, and transparent file format handling. However it also shows areas where RISC OS is grossly under-selling features we take for granted every day, but are seen as almost revolutionary elsewhere: For instance, being efficient on a sub-1GHz RISC CPU, anti-aliased fonts, supporting virtual disc labels, using a RAM-based temporary disc, and providing an iconbar."
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RE: Differences, differences
by Anonymous on Wed 2nd Nov 2005 07:31 UTC in reply to "Differences, differences"
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Other things I remember about these two Oses:

2A) Amiga is not multiuser. It is only single user.

2R) Riscos is now single user too
(RiscOS 5 lacks of multiuser feature hat was present in its predecessors)

3A) Amiga is fully preemptive multitasking

3R) RiscOS is still cooperative multitasking

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