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Google A change to anything related to Google Search - the product so many of us rely on - is never going to go by unnotoced. This time around, Google has altered Image Search for US users to alter the way it handles that ever so important aspect of the web - adult content.
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RE[4]: About time
by fmaxwell on Sat 15th Dec 2012 06:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: About time"
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...spoken like a child!

No, spoken like a 50+ year old adult who is tired of parents trying to foist off their morals on everyone else.

As a father of three kids (12, 14, 17, my kids new about the birds and the bees by age 7 or 8). I really don't care about boobs or even full frontal nudity, or bumping ugly's by consenting adults . What I care about is the big dick in the mouth

Perhaps Google could filter by penis size to reduce your discomfort...

, or explicit up the ass, or fake-rapes that comes across with simple searches.

Really? What kind of "simple searches" of images on Google, with "Safe Search" turned on showed images like those? I've used Google image search for years and I've not found rape scenes, fellatio, or anal penetration when performing "simple searches."

Besides, the previews are the size of postage stamps. It's not like some child is going to be traumatized by seeing a 200x150 image.

As they said, all the content is still there if you like, you just need to be more specific/discrete. Not a bad idea from my point of view! I've always been a fan of the .xxx TLD as a way for parents to filter the worst of the content.

If you want content filtered, then the filtering should *ONLY* take place if you turn some variant of "Safe Search" on. I have no problem with that. I'm even fine with them turning it on by default. But it's ridiculous to filter content when the user has explicitly turned Safe Search off.

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