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In the News "Peers and scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking are once again pushing for an official pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing. Turing's death from cyanide poisoning in 1954 was ruled a suicide, coming after his conviction for gross indecency at a time when homosexuality was illegal." The fact that he still hasn't been pardoned is an utter disgrace.
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The Rosa Parks Principle
by kwan_e on Sun 16th Dec 2012 05:12 UTC
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Here's yet another angle on this:

Rosa Parks was not the first person to publicly oppose the segregation culture. There had been a few before her. So why is her name in the history books and not the others?

Because community leaders who wanted to organize a mass protest recognized the need for a person with a good public image. They would not have gotten as far if they had used the pregnant teenager who did the same before her.

As a result of this, Rosa Parks had a disproportionate amount of credit and special treatment, for those cynics and I-hate-political-correctness-types amongst us.

Would the people here say that they'd rather not have racial equality if it meant two people, Rosa Parks and MLK, got more recognition than the others? Like it or not, this is the same attitude being applied to Turing. You'd rather have nothing happen that try to START something.

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