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In the News "Peers and scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking are once again pushing for an official pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing. Turing's death from cyanide poisoning in 1954 was ruled a suicide, coming after his conviction for gross indecency at a time when homosexuality was illegal." The fact that he still hasn't been pardoned is an utter disgrace.
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RE[5]: fat lot of good
by Laurence on Sun 16th Dec 2012 16:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: fat lot of good"
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In the same way, honouring Turing would mean honouring all gay people both in and outside of the UK who shared similar fates - and, who are, in large parts of the world, still sharing the same fate. Heck, even in Europe, most countries' laws still consider gay people inferior - yes, in the UK too.

Turing has already been given a formal apology from the government and a law is being passed to remove these incidents from gay peoples criminal records (essentially doing what the pardon does, but using established legal presidence and against every individual what was persecuted by said law).

Honouring Turing like this doesn't help gay people country wide.

Here's a little more information from those points from someone who actively leads gay equality pertitions:

None of the above means you don't care about the other people behind the figure heads. I've never heard such a ridiculous thing in my entire life. In fact, it's grossly insulting.

It's no more insulting than the judgement you made against me in your previous post. So I guess we are both misunderstanding each other

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