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In the News "Peers and scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking are once again pushing for an official pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing. Turing's death from cyanide poisoning in 1954 was ruled a suicide, coming after his conviction for gross indecency at a time when homosexuality was illegal." The fact that he still hasn't been pardoned is an utter disgrace.
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Do all of the "Stolen Generation" representatives have a "convicted of X crime" attached to their name as well?

All? No but for sure a good portion of them was tried and convicted unjustly simply because of their race. Just like it happened with black slaves, american Indians and a boatload of people throughout history.
In fact, it is STILL happening and that is much bigger and more important issue than Turing's injustice.

Pardoning Turing will remove that from his name.

Oh wait, I thought this was about justice for everyone "wrongly" convicted as gay and not just Turing and his name?

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