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Windows "Does Windows Phone need Google and its services to be successful? No. The fate of Windows Phone and its adoption in the marketplace does not rest in the hands of Google. Microsoft itself holds the key to Windows Phone becoming a successful platform, rapid evolution of its cloud services and integration with the rest of the MS eco system." Good editorial on Google killing AES support for consumers and how it affects Windows Phone, by WPCentral's Robert Brand.
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Nokia is dying. Go read any of the posts on Communities Dominate Brands.

There are only a few wp8s, and they aren't compelling. IPhone already has the sweet spot, and android has the diversity - qwerty slideouts, phablets, pen/stylus versions, etc.

Microsoft has an archipelago, not an ecosystem. Xbox is different hardware from wp8 from w8. There is no Zune (ipod touch - android player). The netbook-tablet-whatever surface is overpriced and there is only the one ARM, but it is w8, not wp8 and will br superseded by an intel processor model.

Reading the article, it sounded like 'who needs anything else, mother microsoft has everything'. Only true if you only use their stuff already - outlook, skydrive, o360, zunemusic, xbox live and don't want apps. If you instead collaborate with google docs, prefer their mapping and have all your favorites there, or use chrome's sync...? Or have a mac at home?

I don't think google would object to microsoft using their own resources to provide access to google. But I can see why Google doesn't want to use their own. I also suspect they mean there won't be the tile versions of apps, but they probably will support the desktop.

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