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Windows "Does Windows Phone need Google and its services to be successful? No. The fate of Windows Phone and its adoption in the marketplace does not rest in the hands of Google. Microsoft itself holds the key to Windows Phone becoming a successful platform, rapid evolution of its cloud services and integration with the rest of the MS eco system." Good editorial on Google killing AES support for consumers and how it affects Windows Phone, by WPCentral's Robert Brand.
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Its WP that have problem.

Its too small to be called "3rd ecosystem". Do not know why so much hype over Google assessing WP properly.

Oh please, Google doesn't have noble or sensible intentions. EAS has nothing to do with Windows Phone, as it has a reach far beyond Windows Phone. EAS is massively successful for Microsoft, and Google likely both wishes to reduce their licensing costs and wants to pivot away from being convenient to Microsoft.

Gmail is the #1 email service, and as such, it is their vehicle to wean people off of EAS, even if the offered solution is technically inferior. EAS didn't become popular by accident, it was and arguably still is better.

One would expect that after 2y of lies disproved by hard data (eg "3rd ecosystem") some will at least admit that WP is not major player in mobile.............

I'm having a hard time buying what you're saying when Windows Phone is the only mobile OS besides Apple and iOS showing any positive growth in the market.

It is a fact that Windows Phone sales are up, app submissions are up, and app revenue is up. The ecosystem blew by Blackberry to become the third largest mobile ecosystem out there.

Windows 8 will soon eclipse everyone else in that regard, which should only have a halo effect on Widows Phone as the alignment continues in a series of releases.

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