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Windows "Does Windows Phone need Google and its services to be successful? No. The fate of Windows Phone and its adoption in the marketplace does not rest in the hands of Google. Microsoft itself holds the key to Windows Phone becoming a successful platform, rapid evolution of its cloud services and integration with the rest of the MS eco system." Good editorial on Google killing AES support for consumers and how it affects Windows Phone, by WPCentral's Robert Brand.
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Bad article
by chithanh on Mon 17th Dec 2012 17:45 UTC
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The author of that article seems to be seriously deluded:

It is clear they are willing to alienate a huge tract of their user base to drawn the line in the sand with their eco system, if you want to use their stuff you’ll need to go directly to them. Will they use the same strong-arm tactics with Apple when the time comes?
Windows Phone is not a "huge tract" in any measurable way. The entire installed base is what? 20 Million? That's what Android sells in two weeks. Recently, ZDNet Germany found[1] that 0.25% of their page impressions come from Windows Phone (compared to 28.42% from Android and 8.10% from iOS)

iOS did not get spared from the drop because of Google's goodwill, but because they support open standards.

Secondly, one commenter gets it right:
But as soon as userbase increases to near 20%, Google will be there in a sec. Google is a snoop by nature and they won't sit still until they "know" exactly what W8 & WP8 users are doing when there are enough of them.
So the way to get Google sufficiently interested to overcome the proprietary barriers of Microsoft is to bring more users to Windows Phone.


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