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Hardware, Embedded Systems "With fond memories of educational titles like 'Granny's Garden', and less educational ones like 'Pole Position' and 'Boffin', the BBC B seemed like a worthy machine to bring back to life inside an FPGA." The Hacker News thread has links to more FPGA implementations of older home computers.
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by transputer_guy on Mon 17th Dec 2012 18:23 UTC
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Pretty neat.

I had a model B and all the paraphernalia, I'm amazed that anyone though can still remember all the nitty details in getting this old stuff working. I sold off the hardware but I still have all the old books for most of the languages that were sold for it.

Time for some Raspberry Pi tinkering, wonder if anyone has run a Beeb/QL/ZX emulator on it.

I really should also get more serious about me own FPGA project too.

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