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Games "Unfortunately, many of the logic chips that make up Pong are no longer readily available. There are newer parts that will perform the same function but they have different pin connections. I started by re-drawing and adapting some the circuits to the available parts." Recreating Pong from scratch. In its original hardware form. Crazy cool.
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by transputer_guy on Mon 17th Dec 2012 18:36 UTC
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Even the smallest FPGA could handle this little project.

This reminds me of that Clint Eastwood movie, Space Cowboys, where he has to explain his own ancient hardware schematics to youngens (with Masters and Phds) that couldn't read logic schematics anymore.

When I was back in college, 1 particular grad student had his very own ICL 1904 built out of transistor boards working in a spare room. As each board failed he would wire up a TTL logic board replacement work alike.

Then there was that BBC show that ran on PBS last year that reset a British family back to 1970 and had them relive the 70s and 80s in a month going through all these toys 1 day every year.

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