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Microsoft Microsoft has just responded to Google's move regarding Exchange ActiveSync. Sadly, instead of addressing the very real problems consumers are about to face, Microsoft starts talking about switching to
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People have got the wrong idea
by Nelson on Tue 18th Dec 2012 07:12 UTC
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To understand fully the extent of what Google is doing here, it is important to understand the journey that's led them to this point.

Google has licensed EAS. That means they at one point determined the EAS, not the DAV suite, fit the needs of users over what was available at the time.

Things change, and now Google feels that IMAP+*DAV is a better solution so they're transitioning. Granted, it's a rocky transition (Really, a few months notice? Stupid.), but it is one they're going through nonetheless.

This isn't Google moving to an open protocol, this is Google directly attacking Microsoft once the deck was stacked enough. If Google did not have Android, it wouldn't have the cojones to just shut out EAS.

So there's a lot of ways to read this: Google wanting to end free business services, save on licensing, injure Microsoft, etc.

I think its a little of each, but it isn't because Google had some sort of open standard loving epiphany. That's sort of pie in the sky.

Anyhow, I think Microsoft saw this coming. On Windows Phone 7, Gmail is automatically set up to use EAS to sync Contacts/Tasks/Calendar/Email

On WP8, Gmail uses IMAP..which caused a pretty nasty bug earlier this year (presumably due to Google's weird IMAP implementation, that some in these comments refuse to acknowledge exists). People have been dogging Google's IMAP implementation for years, but apparently its all head in the sand around here..

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