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Apple "Starting today, Walmart has dropped prices on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, with the 16 GB iPhone 5 now on sale for just $127 and the iPhone 4S coming in at $47." I'm sure a 33% price cut right ahead of the holidays is totally normal for a product of which demand outstrips supply. Right?
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RE[2]: The yearning is palpable
by Tony Swash on Tue 18th Dec 2012 10:34 UTC in reply to "RE: The yearning is palpable"
Tony Swash
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The Apple share price has already dropped 30%. The market has spoken.

The share prices are still way above the price when Steve Jobs died. Apple sales and profits will hit a new record high this quarter and beat everybody else in the game. The market has spoken.

Fact. Apple has less than 15% of the new smartphone market and less than 50% of the new tablet market - and rapidly falling.

Market share is no longer platform share. If people buy cheap crappy phones and tablets which the OEMs make no profit on and which the end users don't use to do anything then who cares, what impact does that have?

All the evidence from multiple sources and using numerous metrics show the same thing. Android is a worse platform than iOS by a very large margin. Metrics like web browsing, developer income, OEM and OS profits, advertising income, digital content sales, educational, government and business adoption rates, web commerce transaction rates, peripherals support, all show Android doing a lot worse than iOS.

A platform is just that, a platform upon which other things stand, and if those other things do not stand on a platform then it is not a successful platform. It seems that in general and for reasons which are not fully understood but which are very well evidenced the average Android user actually uses Android far less as a platform to do things (other than making calls and texting) compared to iOS. Android is a poorly used platform, iOS is a very well used platform. It is also clear that the average iOS user is willing to spend far more on apps and other digital content and more willing to shop online using an iOS device than the average Android user, this makes an average Android user far less important to those seeking to make money on a platform.

It is clear that even though Android (using the usual very broad definition of Android) is significantly outselling iOS the latter is not suffering from any adverse effects. The iOS commercial and value ecosystem is vastly more healthily and much larger than the Android commercial and value ecosystem. Android is not 'winning' because Apple is not 'losing'. It seems that in the mobile device markets you can have a minority market share but still have the most successful platform and the most successful business.

The smartphone market has expanded exponentially but the total Apple sales have barely increased.

Apple devices sales double every year.

Your post is a perfect example of the desperate yearning I was talking about. The desire for Apple to fail is so string it produces an hallucinatory state in which you actually think it is happening.

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