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Microsoft Microsoft has just responded to Google's move regarding Exchange ActiveSync. Sadly, instead of addressing the very real problems consumers are about to face, Microsoft starts talking about switching to
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Sure, but it's easy to double your sales QonQ when you're bumping along the bottom at 1-2% of the market.

So? Does that mean that sales are not increasing? The fact that Microsoft is keeping up with the market, and then some, by making small inroads on a region by region basis, is impressive.

No one serious thinks Windows Phone will overnight take the world by storm, but judging from Microsoft in the past, it is a silly bet to bet against them eventually having some sort of presence.

Like I said, people told them to dump Xbox when it was bleeding cash at Entertainment & Devices. Xbox is now one of the shining examples of Microsoft establishing a relevant brand "post-Windows".

When you start at 0 the only way is up, after all.

Do you have evidence to support that every single app developer who's seen a dramatic increase in sales started at zero? No. Because you'd rather use hyperbole to get a zinger in instead of having a sensible discussion.

I personally know people who've made, and continue to make great money on the platform. Between Windows Phone and Windows 8, the revenue has given me more financial freedom than I've had in years.

It is a bald faced lie that Windows Phone and Windows Store both have low download counts, and bring in a small amount of revenue.

There's no evidence that there is any more real, consumer driven momentum behind WP8 than any of their previous mobile platforms, or that there is behind BlackBerry OS, or Meego, or WebOS. That is because currently the platform is an also-ran and it's userbase is counted under "Other", below RIM.

There's no evidence..if you conveniently ignore the evidence like you have.

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