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Legal Lots of news about Apple vs. Samsung (and vice versa) in both the US and Europe today. In the US, judge Koh dealth two blows: one to Samsung (no retrial based on juror misconduct), the other to Apple (no permanent sales ban). In Europe, in the meantime, Samsung announced it will cease all lawsuits injunction requests against Apple... But only in Europe.
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RE[7]: Jury qualifications?
by Alfman on Tue 18th Dec 2012 20:43 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Jury qualifications?"
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For god's sake man, the post we're talking about is right here!

Your not talking about outside knowledge, your talking about following instructions. The judge concedes very clearly that any erroneous statements by Hogan during deliberations would have to be barred as evidence. She's taking a legal shortcut and claiming it doesn't matter whether the wrong instructions were following during deliberations because it's inadmissible as evidence anyways.

Therefor THE COURT DID ***NOT*** DISAGREE THAT HOGAN DISOBEYED THE COURT'S INSTRUCTIONS. The court chose to dismiss any such evidence without further consideration.

I'm going to save us both a lot of trouble here and just agree to disagree right now since I feel this isn't going to go anywhere.

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