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Windows "Windows XP was the last client version of Windows to include the Pinball game that had been part of Windows since Windows 95. There is apparently speculation that this was done for legal reasons. No, that's not why." I love these stories.
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by transputer_guy on Wed 19th Dec 2012 07:04 UTC
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I suspect the game was perfectly well commented by the owner but were stripped out due to small license payment, why would MS need to understand code if they were barely paying for it after all it worked on the current hardware.

It was written in asm, maybe it was actually written in C but MS only was given the asm listing.

From the comments in the blog

The asm code was highly tuned to the FPU pipeline, paired ops and all.

As the x86 evolved with ever new FPU opcodes and then AMD64, the FPU bugs became too difficult to figure out.

Payment for the license was only a few thousand $

MSFT actually hoped that devs would pay them to add their games to the Win95 Plus pack for the exposure, didn't fly so most devs didn't join the Plus pack.

There are various comments about the game using detection algorithms that were very sensitive to FPU round off errors eventually causing it to pass through solids.

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