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Hardware, Embedded Systems "With fond memories of educational titles like 'Granny's Garden', and less educational ones like 'Pole Position' and 'Boffin', the BBC B seemed like a worthy machine to bring back to life inside an FPGA." The Hacker News thread has links to more FPGA implementations of older home computers.
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BBC Micro - best 8-bit computer ever
by rklrkl on Wed 19th Dec 2012 09:39 UTC
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Although the BBC Micro was never as popular as certain other 8-bit micros primarily because of its price, it still remains the world's best 8-bit micro ever produced by some distance. Its OS, BASIC, keyboard and standard ports were never surpassed by any other 8-bit machine and it was one of the few 8-bit machines that were a pleasure to program on (I never owned a Spectrum, but I can imagine how painful that must have been to write code on).

For nostalgia fans with Android devices, can I point you to Beebdroid:

A near perfect emulator with the ability to download and play most of the old BBC Micro classic games. Nothing like this on the Apple iTunes store you'll note!

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