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Syllable, AtheOS As the Syllable project predicted many years ago, version 3 of the REBOL programming language has finally been open sourced, under the Apache 2 licence (screenshot on Syllable Desktop). Also, the alpha version of the high-level Red programming language, supporting Syllable Desktop, has been released, by now in version 0.3.1 (screenshot, demo program, video at the Science Park in Amsterdam).
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by Kaj-de-Vos on Thu 20th Dec 2012 12:04 UTC in reply to "REBOL"
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My "The C Programming Language, Second Edition" falls open at page 53, where the precedence table of operators is. When I program in C, I often need to refer to it, because it's too complex to remember. Much C code acknowledges that by not even relying on precedence, but littering expressions with parentheses to make them unambiguous.

This problem doesn't exist in REBOL and Red, because they have only two simple precedence rules:

- Operators evaluate from left to right.
- Infix operators take precedence over prefix functions.

If you want * to take precedence over +, you can simply write

1 + (2 * 3)

However, as a REBOL programmer you quickly get used to writing it as

2 * 3 + 1

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