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Legal Lots of news about Apple vs. Samsung (and vice versa) in both the US and Europe today. In the US, judge Koh dealth two blows: one to Samsung (no retrial based on juror misconduct), the other to Apple (no permanent sales ban). In Europe, in the meantime, Samsung announced it will cease all lawsuits injunction requests against Apple... But only in Europe.
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Goof trool
by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 21st Dec 2012 15:57 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Jury qualifications?"
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Yes, it did. Or rather it found that Samsung cannot support its contention that he lied or violated the Court's instructions. Regardless of whether or not Samsung can use post-trial statements.

I'm going to save us both a lot of trouble here and just agree to disagree right now.

Please do. I think people who even want the same things as you would agree you aren't helping yourself or the argument.

Well, I have give credit where credit is due and congratulate you on that display of trolling prowess. Not only have you done a perfect parody of the stereotypical angrily-defensive Apple fanboy, but you also managed to string someone along for, what, 20-30 replies?

And what's more, you accomplished that by just replying to every point your opponent made with:

"That's not the case, what really happened is [a description that's almost identical to the one you're replying to, with a one or two minor wording changes]."

A strategy that's brilliant in obvious simplicity. Truly, sir, you are a master debater.

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