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Google "Engineers at Motorola are hard at work on a sophisticated handset, to be released next year, that parent Google hopes will provide more potent competition for devices like Apple's iPhone, said people familiar with the matter." Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout. This is more fascinating: "Motorola also ran into difficulties when it looked into using a bendable screen and materials such as ceramics that would allow the company to make the X Phone more stress resistant, use more colors and mold into different shapes, these people said." Bendable displays could be a huge turning point for mobile - and not because they allow new shapes. No, the killer 'feature' of bendable displays will be their resilience.
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Tony Swash
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Google must be unhappy or at least disconcerted with how the Android OEM ecosystem has turned out. One must presume that by releasing Android Google had hoped that there would develop a healthy and diverse OEM community which would allow them to sit above, it a bit like Microsoft had done with Windows OEMs, except this time Google would make it's money from the bundled services rather than software lisences.

It hasn't turned out like that.

Android has been forked (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and been embraced up by Chinese OEMs who have promptly stripped Google services out. The biggest worry however has to be that Samsung has become so disproportionately more profitable and larger than all the other OEMs. The danger now is that Samsung decides to develop it's own services and forks Android and dumps Google. Were that to happen Google would face a booming Android market that it's hard work and expenditure on OS development has built but with little or no return to show for it.

The Motorola/Google handset route is dangerous because if it results in a handset that actually sells in quantity it is the other Android OEMs, including Samsung, who will suffer.

The road ahead is tricky for Google.

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