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Window Managers In the final years of my high school career, more concerned with going out and drinking three times a week than with actually doing anything meaningful at my supposedly posh gymnasium, I rediscovered my love for computing - a love lost during the onset of aforementioned going out and drinking. Realising I would hit university soon, I saved up 2000 guilders, ordered the parts for a brand-new computer, and thanks to this then state-of-the-art computer, old flames were rekindled. Since this pun is burning a hole in my pocket - it was an enlightening experience.
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Linux Mint
by m0ns0on on Sat 22nd Dec 2012 22:49 UTC
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I use Linux Mint, and it's one of those times where the central repository model really shows its weakness. There's no packages for my distribution yet, so I would need to compile E17 from source myself (which I won't do, as it takes too much time).

If this would be Mac or Windows or BeOS or AmigaOS or any other not-linux type OS, there would be a neatly prepared installer for me - but not here. These developers do not have the resources to take care of all the different distros - they could just as well be different operating systems.

But it's been over a decade since Linux matured to a stable and productive state. Linux devs still haven't figured out how to distribute binaries in a userfriendly way (unless you figure that the centralized repos give you all the bliss you'll ever need). It means that the app developers can't reach their users directly, but will have to depend on third parties to do it for them. I don't know if this distance between the developers and the users is a plus or a minus.. (Then again, in the case of Gnome 3, the developers couldn't really be bothered with users in the first place, unless they are also Gnome developers...).

I'd really like to try this DE, as I liked the older version back in the day. I guess I will just have to wait till some Mint user packages this. But it has to be said - the way Linux is designed for software distribution could be improved.

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