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Windows "Windows XP was the last client version of Windows to include the Pinball game that had been part of Windows since Windows 95. There is apparently speculation that this was done for legal reasons. No, that's not why." I love these stories.
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Apparently my duty
by screamingturnip on Sun 23rd Dec 2012 17:35 UTC
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Microsoft is evil. It killed my mother, ate my sister and stole my moose. I hope that everyone involved in the exploits of Microsoft get stabbed by boats. I hope I lie and tell everyone you were a good wife and I hope you die, I hope we both die....

Wait, got confused with song lyrics in that last bit sorry.
Honestly, searching my own feelings I was a much bigger Microsoft hater back in the DOJ days. Now it just looks like an annoyance to install. I don't mind Aero though. 7 home is on the other partition of this netbook and I visit every once and a while, play a Civ 4 demo and go back home to my Mint 14.

On the note of the blog itself, I love that we live in an age where frigging inane questions like this have honest in depth answers. Think I might peruse bloggy man's backlog.

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