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Window Managers In the final years of my high school career, more concerned with going out and drinking three times a week than with actually doing anything meaningful at my supposedly posh gymnasium, I rediscovered my love for computing - a love lost during the onset of aforementioned going out and drinking. Realising I would hit university soon, I saved up 2000 guilders, ordered the parts for a brand-new computer, and thanks to this then state-of-the-art computer, old flames were rekindled. Since this pun is burning a hole in my pocket - it was an enlightening experience.
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E developers claim that strength of E is in it's underlying libraries but I don't see any real benefit of using them over let's say - Qt.

I always seen E as hobbyist project without any chances of gaining enough popularity to become an alternative. While it was fun to play with its eyecandy features before anyone else had them (especially on low end platforms) it for some reason couldn't hold to be my desktop. There were stability issues, incompatibility issues, things I couldn't do, features I liked that only other desktops had, etc.

Nowadays even modest platforms have decent hardware support for 3D graphics so (in my opinion) E will shrink bit by bit until everyone will loose interest in it.

To me E is like the demoscene of 8/16 bit era so I'm putting it on the same shelf as my C64 emulator and an archive of software for it. Those were magical times so it is not bad place.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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