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Window Managers In the final years of my high school career, more concerned with going out and drinking three times a week than with actually doing anything meaningful at my supposedly posh gymnasium, I rediscovered my love for computing - a love lost during the onset of aforementioned going out and drinking. Realising I would hit university soon, I saved up 2000 guilders, ordered the parts for a brand-new computer, and thanks to this then state-of-the-art computer, old flames were rekindled. Since this pun is burning a hole in my pocket - it was an enlightening experience.
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RE[4]: Linux Mint
by Soulbender on Tue 25th Dec 2012 05:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Linux Mint"
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Look at the control panels you can turn on gtk themes in e17

Yes, I figured that out pretty quickly and dual-monitor can be fixed by running xrandr manually on each login.

Or you can use google Easter than complaining about pointless eye candy crap

Oh the irony of being told this by an e17 user...

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