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Microsoft "In a move that has raised eyebrows, Microsoft has submitted a patch to the WebKit project to extend the open source rendering engine with a prototype implementation of the Pointer Events specification that the company is also working on together with Google, Mozilla, and Opera. WebKit is the rendering engine used in Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers, making Microsoft's work a contribution to products that are in direct competition to its own."
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RE[3]: Comment by Drumhellar
by cdude on Tue 25th Dec 2012 14:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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WebKit is by no means only used by Apple. Its also used on Android, in Chrome, on Blackberry, on Tizen, in Sony entertainment systems, in WebOS and so on and on.

Also the cooperation among Opera, Firefox and WebKit seems to be rather good. IE was always out of this being Microsoft Windows only and following there tendency to block standards that may undermine there vendor lock in (like WebGL) and introduce Windows-only extension to make the Web Windows only (like ActiveX). Very good they failed that and are forced to cooperate now. Hope stays Microsoft is going to make IE more compatible to all the other browsers out there. The touch-event patch is good sign that something happens within Microsoft.

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