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Zeta I've always been a huge fan of BeOS. However, there was no denying the fact that the BeOS was getting old. As many other BeOS fans, I closely followed two projects: Haiku, and yellowTAB's Zeta. The latter released 1.0 a few weeks ago. Here are the findings of an old BeOS user.
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by Andre on Sun 17th Jul 2005 19:42 UTC
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Zeta is a nice OS, but is doesn't feel like the old BeOS anymore.. that is what i think. But still it is a good OS. And i like it ... but it made a little problem with my pc .. USB 2 support did not work well .. did not see any usb devices and unplugging something from the usb caused a KDL ( Kernel Debugger Land, BeOS variant of the BSOD ) . After removing the ehci driver, the usb2 card work fine in USB1 mode.
And my new laptop just arrived : wireless and sound not working, but the rest works fine.

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