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OSNews, Generic OSes Now that the holidays are upon us (happy holidays!) and the year is about to end, we at OSNews thought it time to finally lift the veil a little bit on the next version of OSNews - OSNews 5. I've hinted at this next version of OSNews here and there in the comments, but we think it's time to make it all a little bit more official by taking in some initial feedback.
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RE: noscript
by Spiron on Thu 27th Dec 2012 08:42 UTC in reply to "noscript"
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What is driving peoples hate of Javascript, it's a good way of adding functionality to a website without having to resort to underhanded measures. I have heard about how some sites use it to track you but I haven't encountered any of this in my years of being on the web and especially not on sites such as this one, where the main article writer is so clearly FOR internet freedom.

As a secondary note though, if you have javascript blocked you can always add a blocker exception for this site.

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