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OSNews, Generic OSes Now that the holidays are upon us (happy holidays!) and the year is about to end, we at OSNews thought it time to finally lift the veil a little bit on the next version of OSNews - OSNews 5. I've hinted at this next version of OSNews here and there in the comments, but we think it's time to make it all a little bit more official by taking in some initial feedback.
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2 letter names
by MyNameIsNot4Letter on Thu 27th Dec 2012 16:16 UTC
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Oh, i have one more request for the new system.

Allow people to have two letter names. I find it ridiculous that i cannot even use my real name because the system thinks people should have at least 4 letter names.

Sad part is i even know two people with 2 letter names. These guys (including myself) are simply F...shunned on the internet these days.


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