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OSNews, Generic OSes Now that the holidays are upon us (happy holidays!) and the year is about to end, we at OSNews thought it time to finally lift the veil a little bit on the next version of OSNews - OSNews 5. I've hinted at this next version of OSNews here and there in the comments, but we think it's time to make it all a little bit more official by taking in some initial feedback.
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RE[10]: Voting down?
by Laurence on Thu 27th Dec 2012 16:31 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Voting down?"
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Yes, there's a share of fanboys as well. Sometimes it's difficult to legitimately criticise certain companies without being labelled anti-company. It's difficult to enjoy a pragmatic discussion when one side is so religious over technology companies.

But like you said, there's no reason to believe osnews is different in these regards to other places on the internet.

Sometimes it feels like some of the criticisms against said corporations border on the fanatical as well. After all, it's all very good and well being open minded to the numerous 'alternative' options available but if you're also close minded about the good products on offer from the larger commercial outfits then you're really little better than the fanboys.

This is why I struggle to take people like RMS seriously. I admire his vision and contributions to the open source community, but his world view is so polarised that I think he misses the practical implications in the real world.

To put it another way, I might choose to write me CV in LibreOffice and distribute it as a PDF, but if a potential employer asked for a copy in OOXML, then I wouldn't think twice about converting it into an MS Office document; regardless of my personal opinion of Microsoft.

I think having an open mind is having the ability to concede that the less idealogical solution is sometimes the better solution.

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